Recyclable & Compostable Food Grade Pizza Box's

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Product Description:

Pizza Boxes; 

7″ Pizza Box (Internal Dimensions; 180 x 180 x45mm)

9″ Pizza Box (Internal Dimensions; 230 x 230 x45mm)

10” Pizza Box (Internal Dimensions; 254 x 254 x 45mm)

12″ Pizza Box (Internal Dimensions; 305 x 305 x 45mm)

 14″ Pizza Box (Internal Dimensions; 355 x 355 x 45mm)

Each Pizza Box has Virgin Kraft Paper on the inside of the box, meaning;

  • we can give assurance that this is a Food Grade box that can come in direct contact with FoodThe second advantage is that it helps with grease resistance.
  • The tighter packed fibres in the paper make it a lot harder for the grease to penetrate the box.
  • Did you know that high grease absorption can mean some pizza boxes cannnot be recycled?Well thanks to research and modern twist these boxes CAN be Fully Recycled. But it doesn’t just stop there, 73% of our Pizza boxes are made from recycled paper in the first place.

    FSC Sourced Paper; All the paper used in this product are from FSC sources, the recyclable content in our Pizza boxes is 73%.


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